Dinastía by Molina

A family committed to the good wine


Our Wines

Carefully crafted




Extra Brut


Our Process

Setting a superior standard

Harvest and grapes selection

Our wine has its origin in Mendoza, a place that meets the needs to complete the production of a good wine.

Each vine comes from a vineyard that is adapted to the needs of each grape, resulting in a product of excellence.
Instead of generating the conditions, we take what the nature has to offer, avoiding the use of chemicals, and reaching the greatest taste.

The result is a kind and attractive wine, that upon its varieties allows multiple choices of pairing.

Making Wine

Elaboration of our red wines

Cold maceration.




We take care of the process to ensure the best quality.

Making Wine

Elaboration of our white wines

Cold maceration.

Extraction of the grape juice.





Abous us

Our Winemaker

Daniel Buono it’s a professional with 2 degrees in oenology and more than 25 years of experience. He’s been part of several wine startups, most of them for export.

A family with cellar tradition

Since the 17th century, Molina’s family has been associated with good wine.

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