A family with tradition of wineries



Molina’s family is strongly related to the wine production in America. We can find its origin in XII century, when Castilla and Aragón kingdom accepted Manrique Perez de Lara to become Señor of Molina.


The first Molina to step in American ground was Jeronimo Molina y Herrera, who arrived to Peru in 1553 and afterwards, to Chile. Later in 1650, general Luis de Molina y Vasconcelos settles in Mendoza, where he and his descendants started developing  the wine activities.


Casa Molina


Casa Museo Molina Pico was built in 1761. Originally conceived as farm cottage, Casa Molina is currently located within the urban district of Guaymallén, Mendoza.

Though at  the beginning it belonged to Sotomayor family, it was vinculated historically to Pedro Molina, a well-known character of Mendoza’s history. Personal friend of Don Jose de San Martin, tradition says that he rested in Casa Molina before undertaking the historic Cruce de los Andes.

Winery kept on developing in this House thru Bodega La Resurreccion, producer of high quality wines. Years later, the offspring have decided to pick up legacy and go back to the family business, keeping as main principle to offer an excellent wine as our history has taught to.



Bodegas Molina was born with the aim of getting to those that enjoy a fine wine. To achieve this, we privilege quality, focusing on each of the stages and avoiding any kind of chemical aggregate.

We’re a small cellar that strongly believes in family values and that’s willing to continue the legacy received by our ancestors. For this reason, we direct all of our efforts to serve a product of excellence, convinced that the best publicity is our customers recommendation. We work on a daily basis to achieve this goal, and that’s the only secret for our wines to be unforgettable once tasted.